A Cream That Actually Works


As someone with a small bust, I have spent many years looking for the best solutions for larger breasts. I can remember as a teenager doing exercises and various other movements that we all thought would increase our breast size. I tried pills and ointments and more exercises and of course none of those things worked. As puberty came and went, I continued to have small breasts. I had hopes genetics would kick in and I’d look like my mother and my aunts, who have a lot to brag about, but something went wrong somewhere. It was and continues to be depressing.

My husband sympathized with my constant complaining and even offered to pony up money for breast implants, but I have a deathly fear of any type of surgery as well as doctors in general and just couldn’t bring myself to do the one thing that would absolutely guarantee I would have a nice sized bust size. Read More

I Fell Hard on My Behind


I was out walking my dog not long ago when he got loose. He jerked the leash really hard when he spotted a rabbit, and it knocked me on my behind. I hurt when I got up, and I was so thankful when he listened to me and came right back. I knew that we were going to have to work on his obedience training some more, but all I wanted at the moment was to go home and lie down. What ended up happening was I contacted my chiropractor in Redding to see if there were any openings for that same day.

I had to walk four blocks home from where he got loose. With each block that I endured, the pain got that much worse. Read More