I Fell Hard on My Behind


I was out walking my dog not long ago when he got loose. He jerked the leash really hard when he spotted a rabbit, and it knocked me on my behind. I hurt when I got up, and I was so thankful when he listened to me and came right back. I knew that we were going to have to work on his obedience training some more, but all I wanted at the moment was to go home and lie down. What ended up happening was I contacted my chiropractor in Redding to see if there were any openings for that same day.

I had to walk four blocks home from where he got loose. With each block that I endured, the pain got that much worse. I could barely stand it when I got home, and I knew that I had either pulled something or done something serious to my back. I had only been to the chiropractor I called a few times before for another back issue, so I was glad to have a history with their office. They were able to fit me into a slot just a few hours later, and my husband drove me there.

The chiropractor did an exam of my back after I showed him where the pain was located at. He could feel how tight it was, and he did an adjustment after his examination. That is one of the best feelings I have ever had, because it made the pain just evaporate from my body. He told me that I would probably need a couple of more spaced out at least two to three days apart to get the maximum benefits from it. I was fine with that, because I wanted to feel as good as I possibly could. After the additional adjustments, I felt great. My dog has also had more leash training, so we are good to go!