I Shall Be Here Awhile Longer


I have been here for a couple of weeks now, some of the time I have been working and some of the time I have playing the tourist. The company needs me over to do some things, but it is not exactly the schedule that I accustomed to. This morning I learned how to refill one of my prescriptions. I do not know what happened to the pills, but I sort of suspect that one of the cleaning ladies at the hotel may have pinched them for some reason. I apparently needed an apotheke in Germany or at least that was what the place said when I found it. I had no trouble with the pharmacist, although he was not really sure if there were any rules against him using a prescription from across the ocean. He decided that there was not anything against it, but obviously he would have very much liked to have had one from a local doctor.

These pills were not the sort that people would try to scam a pharmacy out of. I know that a lot of people will do almost anything to get hold of them. A friend of mine told me a story about some guy he knew who had broken his own arm so that he could go to a doctor and tell him that he had to have pain pills. In fact these are the sort of pills that no one really needs in my opinion. I really can not think about the truth that there are so many people in our country that have really become consumed by these drugs. At any rate I was really happy that this did not turn into a real ordeal for me. It took a little bit, but it seems like everyone here speaks perfect English.