Hurt My Back Riding Horses


I used to ride horses when I was a kid, but that has been a really long time ago. My grandfathers both had horses and every summer I would go up to Kentucky to see them. One of them would sometimes have a pony, usually a Welsh pony or a Shetland pony when I was really little and of course it is a lot easier for a child to ride a pony instead of a horse that seems huge to him. At any rate I just got back from seeing a Phoenix chiropractor who had to fix my back for me. At first I went to see a doctor, but they only gave me x rays and mended all of the cuts and bruises that I had after that horse threw me into a fence. It was not that much fun at first and I was walking around like a character from that Monty Python sketch until I got fixed up.

At any rate it all started out a lot of fun. The people I was visiting had some quarter horses and they were a blast to ride. They had been trained to barrel race and they were really good at it. All I had to do was stay on board long enough to finish the circuit. It is really exhilarating as a good quarterhorse can really turn on a dime and does it at something like a forty five degree angle to the ground. At any rate after that we went to saddle up riding horses and it has been awhile since I have done that. I tightened up both cinches under the horses belly. If you do not know that is a huge mistake, which I knew and had forgotten. That horse went crazy when I got on his back and I did not stay there long. Coming down was the hard part.