I Feel Like a New Person


I was feeling blah. There is just no better way to put it. I used to be quite active, but I had gotten pretty sedentary with my new office job. I was sitting more than anything, so I attributed it to that. I decided to make myself become more active, but I had a hard time getting up the energy to do much of anything. It was not that I was tired. It just felt like I had no energy. A good friend told me I needed to see a Round Rock chiropractor, but I disagreed.

I told her that I had not hurt myself in any way, as that was the only reason I thought people went to see this kind of doctor. She told me that people go for all kinds of reasons, and accidents and injuries are just two of them. She explained that pregnant women have easier pregnancies because of chiropractic care, and that everyone from babies to senior citizens benefit regardless of their activity level or health condition. She told me that a lack of energy was definitely something the chiropractor would be able to help me with, so I made an appointment with one.

Well, it turns out that my friend was right. I explained my symptoms to the chiropractor, and he did an examination to determine a few different things. He wanted to see what my range of motion was, and he also wanted to see how my spine felt. He was able to do this with a physical exam, and he told me that I would definitely benefit from having some adjustments done on my back. He explained everything in detail, and then he showed me what was involved by doing the first one right there. Since going there, I feel like a new person!