Some Things Are Better Left Alone


I’m usually not the type of person who will get into accidents and scrapes, so when I do get an injury, I take it more seriously than anything else. I recently had an injury so bad that I needed to get treatment from a Sacramento chiropractic center. I was doing some cleaning in my home by sorting through some old boxes. These boxes had been in my attic since I moved into the home and I never bothered to do anything with them except let them collect dust. While moving a heavy box, I injured my back.

There was no one in the house except me, so I had to get down from the attic on my own. In order to get up to the attic, I had to remove a covering in the hallway ceiling and climb up with a folding ladder. I could still walk, but just barely. I had to inch my way over to the hole where I climbed into the attic. I slowly got down to the ground and placed one foot on the ladder. Step by step I descended from the attic, wincing in pain while doing it. Once I was down, I went to the phone and called the center to make an appointment.

I had to inch my way down the stairs to make it to my car. I took a cushion with me to place against the car seat and provide me with a little comfort while driving. I made it to the center and the workers there helped me into the building. I was given the standard examination that all patients receive and given a diagnosis for my injury. It was just a simple muscle sprain that would heal. I had to put my attic cleaning on hold while the muscle healed from the heavy lifting.