I Am Back at My Goal Weight


I needed to lose weight, and I was determined to do it as quickly as possible. I used to be overweight by nearly a hundred pounds about six years ago, and I managed to keep the weight off for just about that entire time. However, when I stepped on the scale about three months ago and saw that I had been slowly gaining weight, I knew that I had to do something drastic if I did not want to be big again. That is how I found Shaun Hadsalls 14 day fat loss.

I had gone online and looked for extreme and quick weight loss programs. I did not want to dance away the pounds, and I did not want to eat just salads until the pounds melted away. I am not afraid of hard work, so I wanted something that was going to challenge me and be effective at the same time. I had looked at a bunch of programs, but Shaun’s program with the 14 day fat loss seemed to be the one that spoke to me once I read all the details about it. What I liked mostly is that I did not have to starve myself.

One does not become 100 pounds overweight overnight. Usually people of that weight like to eat, and even though I lost all that weight, I still love to eat. I just like to exercise now too. With this fat loss plan, I was able to eat anything I wanted to, which is hard to believe but it is absolutely the truth, and the workouts are challenging but doable. The end result is that I did lose those unwanted pounds quickly, and this put me back on the mindset of making sure that I work out every day instead of letting it slide. I am back at my goal weight, and I feel great!